Havasu’s parks board recommends non-motorized launch ramp for London Bridge Beach —

The city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board staff are recommending that a non-motorized launch ramp is constructed at London Bridge Beach.

Lake Havasu City Parks and Recreation staff plans to meet with City Manager Jess Knudson to discuss the potential project in more detail, including funding availability.

The board envisions the project would consist of designating two access aisles of the parking lot as loading and unloading zones, installing removable barriers between the designated areas and sidewalk to deter vehicles from going through and completing a sidewalk near the lake, which will ultimately act as the ramp for kayakers and paddleboarders.

“I really like that idea though, it seems simple, it seems like it could get by without any headaches and we would win by having an unloading zone for everyone who comes down there,” said Mark Zieff, board member.

The decision came after the city’s Recreation Services Manager Mike Keane reported to the board that 97 people responded to an online survey about the non-motorized launch ramp, 86.6 percent of whom favored the idea of creating one in the area. The city opened the survey in early-March to gauge interest.

The survey also asked participants how often they visited the park, their favorite aspects of the park and what improvements they thought could be made at the park. Keane said the survey would continue to be available at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdMujk_UdDzgxstmaMf8hUpGWC7viun_ZcK3jdHdvjMO2PtFA/viewform.

Keane said the potential non-motorized launch ramp project is minor and, therefore, doesn’t need to be included in the city’s capital improvement projects’ discussion.

“Find out what operations has available for projects that don’t necessarily fall in the CIP but they’re some minor park projects that can be done, that would be the next step, to take this recommendation to Jess and let him chew on it for a little while,” he said.

  • By CHELSEA CURTIS 4-29-2018

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