The Lake Havasu Marine Association is never short on projects contributing to the betterment of recreational boating on Lake Havasu. Its most recent volunteer effort came on Wednesday, August 14 when volunteer members of the Marine Association lent helping hands to the Arizona State Parks staff to reposition and add new buoys at the north end opening of the London Bridge Channel. As many are aware, the north end of the channel has been gradually filling in with silt and sand as boaters routinely power-up quickly when exiting the old buoy line. In order to minimize that situation in the future, Arizona Game and Fish and Arizona State Parks mutually agreed that a new configuration (slightly farther out) of marker buoys was necessary to address the problem. The relocation effort is now complete.

The next big boating event on Lake Havasu’s agenda is the Jet Ski World Finals the second week of October. Lake Havasu Marine Association volunteers will be assisting this international Havasu tradition providing safety boat patrol during the race in front of Crazy Horse Campgrounds and in the channel under the London Bridge for the always entertaining Jet Ski freestyle competition on Saturday evening, October 12.

And, as we have for the past eight years, the Lake Havasu Marine Association will be supporting the annual Sand-Water-RV Expo at Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 3 & 4 on November 16-17. Marine Association personnel will be pouring beer and bloody marys each day and providing courtesy golf cart shuttle service between Lots 3 & 4 for Expo guests. Although not very glamorous, Marine Association volunteers will also be circling the venue on golf cars that weekend providing important trash duty to keep the venue clean. And after a long wait, the new permanent bathrooms in Lot 4 are now operational much to the appreciation of all concerned.

Looking forward to seeing LHMA members and supporters at these events as we close out 2019.

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