Lake Havasu Marine Association President Jim Salscheider will retire from his position after 10 years.

The announcement of Salscheider’s retirement came at the group’s Oct. 24 Marine Association meeting, his last as president. The meeting was attended by Lake Havasu City community leaders including Mayor Mark Nexsen and Mayor-elect Cal Sheehy.

Under Salscheider’s leadership, the organization collaborated with state and federal agencies in mitigating the spread of aquatic invasive species, aided in crafting informational brochures for visiting boaters, campaigned for boaters’ rights in Arizona and worked with volunteers and local businesses to provide waste bags along Havasu’s shoreline to prevent littering on the lake. In January, the Marine Association was honored with the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s “Award for Excellence,” and this year participated in the first-ever mapping of Lake Havasu’s depths.

“Jim, you’ve done a great job over the last 10 or 11 years,” Nexsen said at the meeting. “I have to commend the rest of the Lake Havasu Marine Association for years of dedication to Lake Havasu City. You’ve made a difference in this community and we definitely appreciate it. You’re promoting safety, promoting clean lakes and beaches with 1.2 million (waste) bags … Without those bags that trash would be floating down the river.
“You’ve fought quagga mussels, and you’re fighting for open waters for all of us to enjoy,” Nexsen said. “(Lake Havasu City’s) mission and that of the Lake Havasu Marine Association are aligned.”

Salscheider will remain a member of the Marine Association after this year, as the organization’s next chairman of the board. He will be replaced as Marine Association president by Alan Oleson, who has been a member of the organization since 2014. But according to Oleson, “replace” may not be the appropriate term.
“Jim has a wealth of information that I need to learn,” Oleson said. “The amount of knowledge he’s gained over the past 10 years has been amazing, and I don’t have that. Without his tutorship of the next year, I won’t have that knowledge … he just has too much information for us to let him go away.”

Alan said he would like to lead the Marine Association as the organization has always operated, and improve Marine Association programs if he’s able.

Salscheider was given a plaque for his service, as well as a $500 gift card by Association members at the event.

Brandon Messick/Today’s News-Herald

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