On Wednesday, August 13, Congressman Paul Gosar (R) Arizona 4th District, met with select members of the Lake Havasu Marine Association and various local governmental agencies to discuss a myriad of topics, of both local and national importance.  At the conclusion of the hour-long meeting, Congressman Gosar presented LHMA president/CEO Jim Salscheider with a proclamation from the Congressional Record, 113th Congress, “In Honor of the Service of the Lake Havasu Marine Association.”  The proclamation specifically … Read More

We recently received a first-hand report regarding winter low water levels for Lake Havasu from our resident lake expert, Captain Dale Bowers.  It is evident that lake levels have been drawn-down several feet from their normal spring and summer levels, and this condition is likely to continue through January and into early February 2014.  Access to the north and into Topock Gorge from the lake is very difficult for all types and sizes of ‘prop’ … Read More

Arizona State Parks officials unveiled conceptual drawings at the August 21 general membership meeting of the Lake Havasu Marine Association of what is to come at Contact Point. “We are wanting to manage this Lake a little better, there’s a lot of congestion,” said Arizona State Parks (ASP) executive director Bryan Martyn. “We want to move some of that traffic down south.” The proposed project is earmarked for 40-acres of ASP land that is nestled … Read More

  Two separate U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service grants for the prevention, containment and management of invasive quagga mussels in Western states have been awarded to the Arizona Game and Fish Department and Lake Havasu Marine Association. The combined grants total $285,500 and will boost education and awareness campaigns for boaters and fund a decontamination station at Lake Havasu State Park. GETTING THE WORD OUT Jim Salscheider, president/CEO of LHMA, recently said the funds will … Read More

In response to concerns expressed by both the Arizona Game & Fish Department and the Lake Havasu Marine Association, the Lake Havasu National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Complex has established a safety zone for boaters traveling through the Havasu NWR at the Interstate 40 Bridge. The safety zone is established by creating a No Wake zone in the Colorado River approximately 700 feet north and 900 feet south of the I-40 Bridge, using two boundary lines … Read More

Lake Havasu City, AZ:  At the recent annual meeting of the Western States’ Boating Administrator Association in Flagstaff, Arizona, the Lake Havasu Marine Association (LHMA) was the honored recipient of the Hollister Award which recognizes outstanding service in the field of boating safety by individuals or groups (public or private). “Clearly the LHMA has made a positive impact to recreational boating safety in the Lake Havasu area and they are to be commended,” said Kevin … Read More

The Lake Havasu Marine Association has just introduced a neat new feature on the website — “Ask A Captain”.  If you have a boating or Lake Havasu related question, ask away!  Their are 22 licensed U.S. Coast Guard captains on Lake Havasu, and there’s nobody better qualified to answer your questions about the lake and boating than these experts.  Just click on the “Ask A Captain” link on the homepage and fire-away.  A little extra … Read More

  The Lake Havasu Marine Association (LHMA) has been aware of the mussel situation for over three years but we were frankly caught off guard a few months ago when reports of $500 tickets for “moving a mussel” and what was happening at bordering states started to emerge. After discussions from a very knowledgeable and valuable resource at Lake Mead, Level 2 Invasive Species Trainer Dee Davis, it became apparent there was an emerging threat … Read More

It has come to the attention of the Lake Havasu Marine Association that boat noise regulations are becoming more strictly enforced by various State and Federal law enforcement agencies.  In order for boaters to better comply with these regulations, here is a simplified guide to be better informed about the rules. FAQs Q.  Is it required that all power boats be equipped with a muffling device? A.  Yes, an exhaust muffling device is required equipment … Read More

YOUR LAKE HAVASU BOATING EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN EXTENDED WITH ANOTHER 30 MILES OF BOATING…COMPLIMENTS OF THE LAKE HAVASU MARINE ASSOCIATION Lake Havasu is an extraordinary recreational boating destination, and has been enhanced to the north thanks to a newly created deep-water “channel” linking the lake with Topock Gorge and beyond.  The half-mile “channel” eliminates the shallow-water barriers of the past, now allowing boaters access to an additional 30 miles of spectacular boating and some of … Read More