The Arizona Game and Fish Department and The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission will be holding the following quagga related watercraft inspection/decontamination training workshop in February 2013. Lake Havasu Quagga Mussel Concessionaire Training Workshop on February 5th This training is FREE of charge. Event held at The Nautical Beachfront Resort Conference Room The workshop will include: Guest Speakers from a multitude of agencies including; US Fish and Wildlife Service, CA Fish and Game, National Park … Read More

By JAYNE HANSON Today’s News-Herald Lake Havasu Marine Association’s next big push is for educating boaters about quagga mussels — and things are expected to get sticky. LHMA introduces its new sticker campaign that is based on educating front-liners in the boating industry in order to, ultimately, reach the boater. The campaign’s details kicks off at the group’s quarterly meeting 6 p.m. Wednesday at Shugrue’s Bridgeview Room. The meeting is open to the public. “We … Read More

(reprinted from, December 17, 2012, by Bob Brown) Boaters in many states need to be prepared for war.  Not exactly the kind of war we see and hear about through the media, but a war nonetheless. It first came to the public’s attention in 1988 when Zebra mussels were discovered in the Great Lakes and their cousin, Quagga mussels, followed suit just a year later.  These rapid-multiplying mollusks were not indigenous to the Great … Read More

Posted: Monday, October 15, 2012 12:01 am By JAYNE HANSON TODAY’S NEWS-HERALD Topock 66 Spa & Resort Concept drawings of the proposed Topock 66 Spa & Resort project’s elevations were on display during the Lake Havasu Marine Association meeting Wednesday at Shugrue’s Bridgeview Room. Topock 66 Spa & Resort owner Chet Hitt was the keynote speaker who impressed the Lake Havasu Marine Association Wednesday at Shugrue’s Bridgeview Room. Hitt shared an anecdotal history of what … Read More