Extra Mile America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers individuals, organizations, and cities to “go the extra mile. Their work is inspired by the belief that “going the extra mile” opens doors to new possibilities. “Going the extra mile” improves the results we find in life, both professionally and personally. “Going the extra mile” allows us to make a difference in our community and in our world. It is our pleasure to announce the … Read More

The Lake Havasu Marine Association is never short on projects contributing to the betterment of recreational boating on Lake Havasu. Its most recent volunteer effort came on Wednesday, August 14 when volunteer members of the Marine Association lent helping hands to the Arizona State Parks staff to reposition and add new buoys at the north end opening of the London Bridge Channel. As many are aware, the north end of the channel has been gradually … Read More

By BRANDON MESSICK TODAY’S NEWS-HERALD The Bridgewater Channel is Lake Havasu’s scenic slow lane, protected by a no-wake zone nearly two miles long – but local officials would like to make it a little longer. According to Lake Havasu Marine Association Chairman Jim Salscheider, efforts could begin later this year to extend the channel’s no-wake zone north by about 600 feet into Lake Havasu. Boaters traveling the channel will have to wait a little longer before revving their engines as a result, but according to Salscheider, it will … Read More

Even Congressman Paul Gosar sent Jim Salscheider a very complimentary commendation recognition letter for his “Citizen of the Year” award.

With one of the largest turnouts since the recession of 2008, the Chamber of Commerce held their annual awards gala at the London Bridge Convention Center on Friday evening. Many awards were passed on to businesses and community members by the chamber. Most notably were the two recipients for Citizen of the Year and Chamber Business of the Year. Go Lake Havasu Tourism Bureau took home the prize for Business of the Year. In their … Read More

Lake Havasu City’s beaches are relatively clean thanks to efforts by the Lake Havasu Marine Association and partnering organizations, and their diligence hasn’t been unappreciated. For the past 10 years, the Marine Association has conducted its “trash bag program, installing posts at locations along Havasu’s coast and stocking them with thousands of trash bags. This year, Republic Waste Services awarded the Marine Association $15,000 in grants to continue its efforts. Republic Services General Manager Matt … Read More

Lake Havasu Marine Association President Jim Salscheider will retire from his position after 10 years. The announcement of Salscheider’s retirement came at the group’s Oct. 24 Marine Association meeting, his last as president. The meeting was attended by Lake Havasu City community leaders including Mayor Mark Nexsen and Mayor-elect Cal Sheehy. Under Salscheider’s leadership, the organization collaborated with state and federal agencies in mitigating the spread of aquatic invasive species, aided in crafting informational brochures … Read More

Cal Sheehy and Jim Dolan Successful in Their Respective Races Lake Havasu City’s elections held yesterday produced a double win for Lake Havasu Marine Association members, Cal Sheehy and Jim Dolan. Sheehy won a convincing victory to become the next Lake Havasu City mayor this fall. Sheehy, vice president and general manager of the London Bridge Resort, became involved in local politics about four years ago, capturing a seat on the Lake Havasu City Council. … Read More

A home grown, useful program to help combat the spread of invasive mussels from the Colorado River is ending. The “Sticker a Mussel” effort educated tens of thousands of boaters and helped assure boats leaving the river were cleaned. The program will be missed as an alternative to very expensive and probably heavy-handed enforcement by government agencies. Lake Havasu Marine Association President Jim Salscheider started the program in 2013, inspired to help fight the very … Read More

The Lake Havasu Marine Association has taken on the responsibility of maintaining over 40 buoys on Lake Havasu. Many of these buoys are warning boaters of hazards like rock piles just beneath the surface of the water. Just recently, long time Havasu boater Ed Martel had the misfortune of finding one of these ‘unmarked’ rock piles in California Cove and the result wasn’t pretty. Ed’s watersports boat was severely damaged. Fortunately, no one onboard was … Read More