LHMA ready to ‘do the right thing,’ boat inspections to slow spread of quagga mussels Friday, January 18, 2013 By JAYNE HANSON Today’s News-Herald  Invasive species inspections may slow down some boaters at state border inspections this upcoming boating season, but it doesn’t have to be a completely unpleasant experience. Boaters can reduce the inspection time from the average five-minute interaction — or the dreaded two-hour quarantine — to a mere 30 seconds. The fast-track … Read More

At the January 16 LHMA general membership meeting with over 170 in attendance, several of the leading California and Nevada governmental agencies sent key personnel to present informative talks on the ever-evolving issue of Lower Colorado River invasive species.  The evening’s primary topic of discussion was moderated by LHMA president & CEO Jim Salscheider and assisted by LHMA agency coordinator, Craig Laser. It was clear from the outset, that quagga mussel lake infestation poses potentially … Read More

The Arizona Game and Fish Department and The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission will be holding the following quagga related watercraft inspection/decontamination training workshop in February 2013. Lake Havasu Quagga Mussel Concessionaire Training Workshop on February 5th This training is FREE of charge. Event held at The Nautical Beachfront Resort Conference Room The workshop will include: Guest Speakers from a multitude of agencies including; US Fish and Wildlife Service, CA Fish and Game, National Park … Read More

By JAYNE HANSON Today’s News-Herald Lake Havasu Marine Association’s next big push is for educating boaters about quagga mussels — and things are expected to get sticky. LHMA introduces its new sticker campaign that is based on educating front-liners in the boating industry in order to, ultimately, reach the boater. The campaign’s details kicks off at the group’s quarterly meeting 6 p.m. Wednesday at Shugrue’s Bridgeview Room. The meeting is open to the public. “We … Read More

  The Lake Havasu Marine Association (LHMA) has been aware of the mussel situation for over three years but we were frankly caught off guard a few months ago when reports of $500 tickets for “moving a mussel” and what was happening at bordering states started to emerge. After discussions from a very knowledgeable and valuable resource at Lake Mead, Level 2 Invasive Species Trainer Dee Davis, it became apparent there was an emerging threat … Read More

(reprinted from offshoreonly.com, December 17, 2012, by Bob Brown) Boaters in many states need to be prepared for war.  Not exactly the kind of war we see and hear about through the media, but a war nonetheless. It first came to the public’s attention in 1988 when Zebra mussels were discovered in the Great Lakes and their cousin, Quagga mussels, followed suit just a year later.  These rapid-multiplying mollusks were not indigenous to the Great … Read More