Methods used to reduce the spread of invasive species include sterilizing boats before launching them in new waterways. The American Boat and Yacht Council will hold its annual aquatic invasive species summit Sept. 20 in Annapolis, during which the group will discuss its new technical information report on the topic with marine industry stakeholders. AIS include plant life such as Eurasian watermilfoil and water hyacinth, and animals such as spiny water flea, quagga and zebra … Read More

A home grown, useful program to help combat the spread of invasive mussels from the Colorado River is ending. The “Sticker a Mussel” effort educated tens of thousands of boaters and helped assure boats leaving the river were cleaned. The program will be missed as an alternative to very expensive and probably heavy-handed enforcement by government agencies. Lake Havasu Marine Association President Jim Salscheider started the program in 2013, inspired to help fight the very … Read More

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers offers tips for boaters to prevent the spread of invasive species There are increasingly long lines at boat inspection stations as municipalities look to thwart the spread of aquatic invasive species, putting more pressure on access to fishing and boating in some parts of the country. To date, many of the preventive measures seeking to slow down the spread of invasive species like zebra mussels have been focused at the boater level, … Read More

It’s All About the Message – ‘Clean, Drain and Dry’ The effort to prevent the spread of quagga mussels throughout fresh water lakes and rivers in the western United States has been ongoing since 2007 when the harmful mollusks were initially discovered in Lake Mead and specific portions of the Colorado River including Lake Havasu. Although numerous containment strategies have been employed by various local, state and federal agencies during the past ten years, quaggas … Read More

Could microscopic extracts of CBD be the answer to one of America’s greatest ecological nightmares? Joseph Resnick wants to solve a problem that has plagued American ecological groups for three decades: He wants to eradicate the invasive quagga and zebra mussels from freshwater sources, from coast to coast. With microscopic extracts of cannabidiol (CBD), he may have the answer that thousands of people and billions of dollars have sought all along. In December 2017, the … Read More

We’ve adapted boating habits to fight plant and animal invaders from distant waters. Now agencies and manufacturers are looking for new ways to cope with those already here. Depending on where you live (and boat), and what type of boating you do (think trailer boating), dealing with aquatic invasive species (AIS) has become an all-too-familiar addition to your boating routine. Since 1988, when zebra mussels, native to the waters of Eurasian ports, were first discovered … Read More

PHOENIX — Are you a non-resident boater in Arizona? It’s time to schedule your free watercraft inspections and decontaminations before heading home. Arizona is an incredible place to boat our vast desert impoundments and waterways surrounded by majestic red rock canyons – especially during our mild winters. After a season of adventure, avoid fines, quarantines, and even impoundments while traveling across state lines by contacting the Arizona Game and Fish Department or authorized contractor Woods … Read More

PHOENIX —The Arizona Game and Fish Department reminds boaters to “clean, drain and dry” – and especially decontaminate — their watercraft and equipment before exiting waters designated as having aquatic invasive species (AIS). This reminder is especially important for out-of-town visitors who moor their boats at AIS-infected waters and are preparing to head out of state. Afraid you might be transporting aquatic hitchhikers? AZGFD has contracted with a local business to provide free decontaminations for … Read More

Meeting could represent new approach on invasive quaggasTop of Form The development of a containment strategy for the invasive quagga mussel has been identified as a top priority for the U.S. Department of the Interior. A meeting held in Lake Havasu City last week might be the first step in the development of such a plan. The two-day meeting between a number of state and federal agencies was closed to the public, but Lake Havasu … Read More

Lake Havasu boaters stand to become the whipping boys in an effort to show the federal government and Western states are really, really serious about stopping the spread of invasive mussels. If one proposal comes to pass, boats leaving Lake Havasu would face required decontamination, a time-consuming and expensive process. The idea, apparently, is to punish Arizona in general and Lake Havasu boaters specifically because quagga mussels are showing up in a number of lakes … Read More