The Lake Havasu Marine Association has taken on the responsibility of maintaining over 40 buoys on Lake Havasu. Many of these buoys are warning boaters of hazards like rock piles just beneath the surface of the water.
Just recently, long time Havasu boater Ed Martel had the misfortune of finding one of these ‘unmarked’ rock piles in California Cove and the result wasn’t pretty. Ed’s watersports boat was severely damaged. Fortunately, no one onboard was injured.

And Ed did the right thing. He contacted the Lake Havasu Marine Association and in only ten days, the Marine Association’s volunteer buoy team was on the job, placing a new hazard warning buoy.

Buoys aren’t cheap. The cost of a new buoy, anchor, chain, line and fasteners run about $500.00. And the only way the Marine Association can cover those costs is from revenue raise through membership dues and the Lake Havasu Boat Show.
In order to keep this service for boaters going is to solicit donations. If you’re a Havasu boater and appreciate the work that the Marine Association is doing for lake safety, a donation to our “Support Our Lake Buoy Program” would be much appreciated.

To make a donation of $25.00 or more, please visit our Go Fund Me page at:

Thank you for your support.

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